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Welcome to a unique realm where interactions come to life, shaping narratives through the lens of design and innovation. Harnessing insights from physics, human behavior, and the nuances that frame our existence, I am here to unveil stories that resonate and inspire.

At the heart of my work lies an intricate realm where complexities disentangle into clarity, crafting narratives that resonate across dimensions and perceptions.

My innovation pairs the symmetry of science with chaotic emotions, converting abstract notions into tangible, relatable interactions that speak a universal language.

My technical canvas includes the masterful strokes of web design and development, honed through years of hands-on experience and relentless exploration. Precision and creativity form the core of my problem-solving toolkit, spanning across a variety of tech stacks. Proficient with a suite of design tools and languages, I wear many hats - designer, developer, storyteller. But my true prowess lies in blending these abilities with my understanding of human cognition, resulting in creations that are not only pleasing to the eye but also intuitive to the mind.

Project 1

Suffolk - Bridging Human Emotion and Technology

An innovative, commission-based endeavor for a ribbon-cutting ceremony, Suffolk highlights the distinctive amalgamation of human emotion and technology. This project transformed audience applause into an energy charge, synchronizing three 54-inch Microsoft Surface Hubs in a striking display of unity and engagement.

  • Real-time applause interaction system.
  • Data-centric visualization of audience participation.
  • Synchronized performance across multiple digital platforms.
  • Microsoft Surface Hub
  • Socket Servers
  • Data Visualization

In its culmination, the audience's applause saw a virtual ribbon being cut—a nod to the opening ceremony. Moreover, the socket server's data generated a waveform of the applause, dynamically crafting a visually aesthetic plaque as a memento for the distinguished guests. Suffolk stands as a testament to my skills in creating interaction systems, integrating technology with human emotions, managing socket servers, and rendering dynamic visualizations from real-world data.

Project 2

NFL Roblox - Digital Actions, Physical Reactions

An inventive proposal for the NFL visualized in the virtual world of Roblox—this project embodied the potential of real-world interactions being triggered by digital actions. A Roblox player's touchdown was mirrored in physical reality as a robot raising its hands—a common symbol of a touchdown in football.

  • Real-time interaction between Roblox and a physical robot.
  • Socket server used for communication between the digital and physical world.
  • Custom design of a Roblox level to trigger the touchdown action.

NFL Roblox might not have been officially adopted, but it stands as a demonstration of my ability to diversify digital experiences and bring virtual elements to life.

Project 3

Rotary Dial Phone - Technology with a Heart

Redefining the contours of sentimental value infused with technology—the Rotary Dial Phone took an old phone and, with the help of Arduino, transformed it into a functional sculpture. Not merely a device anymore, the phone became a medium to reconnect with the voice of a loved one.

  • Restoration and functional modification of a vintage rotary dial phone.
  • Playback of personal audio files like voicemails.
  • Realizing the brighter side of technology as an emotional conduit.

The Rotary Dial Phone holds testament to the softer side of my work—showcasing the potential of technology to retain, recall, and relive cherished memories, personal and intimate in nature.

Project 4

Recycling Night - Everyday Innovation

A simple but impactful solution to a common community confusion—Recycling Night is a testament to the intricacies of everyday innovation. Implemented with Arduino, it provides a timely LED alert every alternate week, reminding me it's a recycling night. An integrated button allows me to manually turn off the light post-recognition.

Recycling Night serves as an authentic representation of my perspective on technology—seeing it as an inventive companion capable of simplifying everyday life in ways we rarely imagine. It's about finding potential in the mundane and crafting technology to make a genuine difference.

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